Nikon plans to release six new lenses

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Nikon is about to introduce six new Z-mount lenses. It is not yet known whether they will be presented at the same time or whether they will announce their development. Also, their release dates are not yet known.

photo: nikonrumors

Only a list of them is presented:

Nikkor Z 24mm (DX) APS-C

Nikkor Z 26mm

Nikkor Z 12-28mm (DX) APS-C

Nikkor Z 85mm S-line (probably F/1.2)

Nikkor Z 200-600mm (probably f/6.3)

Nikkor Z 600mm S-line (probably F/4)

Perhaps the first three lenses on this list will be: 85mm; 200-600mm; 600mm.

photo: nikonrumors