Irwing Penn

Irwing Penn (June 16, 1917 — October 7, 2009) is an American photographer and art editor. The older brother of filmmaker Arthur Penn. Fashion photography is hard to imagine without Irwing. He is one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Irwin shot for Vogue magazine for a long time, and also worked on advertising projects for famous brands. His work has been featured in various international exhibitions. Irwing Penn’s works are also in the collections of many museums around the world.

«Pablo Picasso.Сannes. Frances 1957»

«Still-life. New York 1947»

«After dinner games. New York 1947»

«Al Pacino. New York 1995»

«Eye in keyhole. New York 1953»

«Father. Son. Grandfather. Great-grandfather»

«Bee on lips. New York 1995»

«Optician’s shop window. New York 1939»

«Nicole Kidman»

«Theatre accident.  New York 1947»

«Yves Saint Laurent. Paris 1957»

«Still-life with watermelon. New York 1947»

«Woman in moroccan palace Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn»

«Morocco Fantasia. Morocco 1951»

«Hell’s angels. San Francisco 1967″

«For Vogue»

«Chicks in a jar. Mexico 1942»

«Deep-Sea Diver. New York 1951»

«Football face»

«Richard Avedon. New York 1978»

«Silver & gold make-up. New York 1985»

«Sophia loren. New York 1959»

«Robert De Niro. New York 1993»

«Clear plastic beauty mask. New York 1996»

«Robin Williams. New York 1998»

«Foot care. New York 1990»

«Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong»

«Young woman in a net miyake design»

«Stalin udine. Italy 1945»

«White face with color smears. New York 1986»