Exhibition of photographs by Ilya Pukhaev «The World Around Us»

The first personal exhibition (April 1-30) of Ilya Pukhaev’s photographs «The World Around Us» was opened in the memorial house-museum of K.L. Khetagurov in Vladikavkaz on April 1. It presents photographs (near 70), including: color and black-and-white landscapes, and social photographs. Visitors to the exhibition, in addition to the works of the photographer, can see retro cameras from the author’s own collection. The photographer shows the beauty of North Ossetia.

Retro collection & Social Photography
Photocor 1 (1938)

On April 6, 2022, the newspaper North Ossetia published an article “Photoworld of Ilya Pukhaev”

Article «Photo World of Ilya Pukhaev»
В Доме-музее Коста Хетагурова открылась выставка нашего коллеги Ильи Пухаева «Мир вокруг нас»