Maxim Bedov is a classical photographer

Maxim Bedov (born in 1978) is a Moscow photographer of the classical direction. He has been engaged in silver-gelatin photography for more than 20 years. In his works, the author follows the traditions of American classical photography, works in his own darkroom using classical technology, completely excluding any digital photo processes. Also engaged in the manufacture of custom equipment for the darkroom — Pin registered system, Sheet film washers, contact frames, film retouching machines, etc.

He received his first art education in the specialty «Wooden Sculpture» in parallel with school, a free student of the Bogorodsky Art and Industrial College. Then he received a classical art education in the specialty «Restoration of painting».

While still studying at the art school, he had a keen desire to capture the results of the creative process in photos, because student works automatically became the property of the educational institution, and all that remained of them were only memories and photographs.

At university, photography skills became vital for him. In restoration, each stage of work with a work of art needs detailed photo fixation, and every time calling a professional photographer is an unacceptable luxury for a student.

At the same time, Maxim Bedov began to take his first steps in artistic photography. First of all, this was due to numerous trips to Russia and the Middle East. I always wanted to capture what I saw and convey my impressions to an outside viewer.

Over time, the photographer came to understand that real photography is when the whole process, from choosing and refilling the film to tinting the finished print, should be under the authority of the author.

In 2016, Maxim Bedov took an advanced course in Darkroom Advanced Technique from John Sexton, an assistant and follower of the famous photographer Ansel Adams.

In 2019, the photographer held his first solo exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Exhibition of photography «Non-random landscape». 2019. Black and white photography.

The arrival of digital technologies in photography did not affect Maxim Bedov’s creative approach in any way. All prints are made in their own darkroom, and each of them is guaranteed to be made by the author’s hands(

Maxim Maxim Bedov. Landscape moments.