Beginning photographer. Where to begin

An aspiring photographer should have a desire to photograph and learn. It is impossible to tell everything to a novice photographer. There is a lot of information, it is constantly updated, new technology appears, and, accordingly, the possibilities of using the camera.

Where to begin:

First of all, you need to start by studying the literature.

Camera selection. Not worth buying a novelty. Better to start with the entry-level and kit lens. With the advent of experience, the understanding will come that you have already «grown» and it is time to change photographic equipment.

Start learning from scratch. Take courses where a teacher will give you the knowledge base you need and help you decide on the genre in which you will shoot.

Practice. Take your camera with you and take pictures. Learn to see the frame, build a composition, follow the light in the frame, change settings and get used to the camera. The more you practice, the better.

Try to notice interesting things around you. The ability to notice interesting things around will eventually become a habit, which will certainly affect the quality of your pictures.

Show and share good pictures. You shouldn’t put all your photos on public display. Select and process good shots as needed, and then only show and share.

Do not be afraid of criticism. When displaying photos for everyone to see, prepare to listen to criticism, as not everyone may like your work. Listen to criticism and analyze it. If she is constructive, then take note, they only want to help you. If the criticism is not supported by anything, just pass by, not paying attention.