Alfred Stiglitz

Alfred Stiglitz (January 1, 1864 — July 13, 1946) — American photographer, gallery owner and philanthropist, one of the greatest masters of pictorialism. Stiglitz made a huge contribution to the establishment of photography as an independent art and influenced the formation of its aesthetics.

As an eleven-year-old boy, Alfred Stiglitz accidentally ended up in a darkroom where he saw an old photographer retouching negatives. He was surprised to ask what it was for, and the master answered him that it makes the person in the picture more natural. “I would never do that,” the teenager remarked. And he didn’t lie. Having achieved recognition in the world of photography, Alfred Stiglitz never resorted to retouching his negatives.

«Alfred-Stiglitz. Reflections Night New-York 1897»

«Alfred Stiglitz. Georgia O’Keefe»

«Fifth Avenue. Winter 1892»


«Alfred Stiglitz. Georgia O’Keefe»

«Alfred Stiglitz. The Steerage 1907»

«Alfred Stiglitz»