Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman (January 19, 1954) is an American contemporary photographic artist working in the genre of staged photography. When creating her works, she used herself in roles and characters. This made her popular.

Her most famous photographic series is «Untitled Film Stills», consisting of 69 works. In this series of photographs, Cindy has shown herself as both a model and a photographer. In each shot, she presented the audience with a certain image. The heroines of the works included in this series resembled movie actresses of the sixties, playing a variety of roles: a dancer, a housewife, a businesswoman, a prostitute, a vamp woman, a simpleton, a woman close to hysterics or emphatically calm. All characters were fictional.

Another famous series of photographs is «History Portraits». These are 35 works in which she still acted as a model and a photographer all rolled into one. In this series, Cindy Sherman recreated the portrait painting of the old masters.

Also known provocative series «Sex pictures».

Cindy Sherman then decides to direct and write her only feature film, the horror comedy «Office Killer». The film did not have much success.

A series of works «Faces» — portraits of elderly, unemployed actresses posing for a photographer in the hope that these photographs will help them find work.

In the series «Clowns» with the help of makeup and clothes, she skillfully entered the image of clowns.

Further in «Portraits of Secular Ladies» we see aging women who hide the inevitable behind expensive clothes and an abundance of makeup.

Photo «Untitled # 96» sold for $ 3,890,500.

Photo «Untitled # 48» was sold for $ 2,965,000.

Photo «Untitled # 153» sold for $ 2,770,500.

In this short video excerpt Cindy Sherman talks about some aspects of her art.

Cindy Sherman took 7th place in the ArtReview rating “One Hundred Most Influential Persons in the Art World — 2011”.

In 2012, a large retrospective of Cindy Sherman’s work took place at the Main Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The following series were presented at the exhibition: “Untitled Film Stills”, an early mini-series “Untitled A-E” and also a documentary film “Carte Blanche: Cindy Sherman” specially filmed for the exhibition.

The Story of One Photographer: Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman currently lives and works in New York.