Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson (: August 22, 1908 — August 3, 2004) — French photographer, master of realistic photography of the 20th century, photo artist, father of photo reporting and photojournalism, representative of documentary photography.

Photographer Quotes:

Only those who are able to align the eyes, head and heart on the same axis can take pictures.

Think before and after shooting, never during it.

The camera is an extension of our eyes and mind, not a chrome locket around our neck. It is a tool of labor. It’s nice to feel in your hands a device that is quite consistent with what you want to photograph.

No need to photograph too much, no need to shoot, exhausting the film. This is a bad sign. It’s like eating or drinking a lot: a person loses taste, loses shape.

The difference between a good and an average shot is a matter of a few millimeters, very little difference. But essential. I think that there is not much difference between photographers, but small differences are very important.

To «capture» the world, you have to feel drawn into what you are cutting through the viewfinder. This approach requires focus, discipline of spirit, flair and a sense of geometry.

For me photography is a search in reality itself for spatial forms, lines and relationships.

The photographer should work softly, inconspicuously, but have a sharp eye. Do not push, draw attention to yourself, do not stir up the water where you are going to fish.

Your first 10,000 shots are the worst.

The lot of the photographer — continuously disappearing things. And when they leave, no amount of ingenuity, nothing in the world will make them come back