How to take pictures that do not require processing

Looking at most of the photos posted on social media, we can see that the technical content of photography is falling, and the skill of processing is increasing.

Do not rely on the fact that the photo editor can correct most of the parameters of the photo. It is better to take care of all the technical aspects at the initial stage of creating a snapshot.

Technical components:

• idea

• location

• lighting

• technique

Every shoot starts with an idea. Thanks to her, we choose what we are going to photograph and the place of future shooting. It will not be superfluous to arrive at the location in advance. So we can familiarize ourselves with it and evaluate the level of illumination. This will help to adjust the equipment that we plan to take with us. A couple of test shots can be taken on site. So novice photographers will be able to find out the parameters of future shooting (F, S, ISO), and slightly adjust them on the day of shooting.

On the day of filming, we arrive at our location in advance. Then we will have time to prepare and adjust the technique. During the shooting, we monitor:

• foreshortening

• about what is in the frame

• so that nothing superfluous is in the frame

• focus

• illumination in the frame

As the lighting changes, we make adjustments to the exposure. This way we will get the images that require a minimum of correction or it’s unnecessary. And this is the minimum that must be met.