Patrick Lichfield

Thomas Patrick John Anson (25 April 1939 — 11 November 2005) was a British photographer. Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield inherited the title of Earl in 1960 from his paternal grandfather. In his professional practice, he was known as Patrick Lichfield.

He was the only son of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas William Arnold Anson, whose mother was a niece of Queen Elizabeth. Patrick Lichfield was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Due to his proximity to high society, refined manners, noble appearance and reputation as a playboy, he himself became the hero of numerous photographs. However, Patrick Lichfield’s own photographs are more interesting than those in which he was captured.

Patrick Litchfield picked up the camera when he was 6 years old. Since then, the passion for photography has taken a dominant place in his turbulent life.

The photographer managed to win people over thanks to his amazing charisma. The heroes of his pictures were actors, musicians, models and completely ordinary people. He worked for the best fashion and glossy magazines of the United Kingdom. He also constantly filmed the royal family. Patrick Lichfield was honored to be the official photographer at the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. Thanks to his impeccable taste, Patrick Lichfield saw everything beautiful in his surroundings.

Clarissa Merton. 1959
British fashion model Jill Kennington. 1964
British film actress, known for her roles in films of the 1960s-80s. Jacqueline Bisset. London. 1964
Welsh, a former model and former creative director of American Vogue magazine. Grace Coddington. 1964
Lord Herbert. 1965
Heavyweight boxer Sir Henry William Cooper. 1966
Charles Chaplin and Marlon Brando at the premiere of the film «The Countess from Hong Kong». London. 1967
English fashion and portrait photographer. David Bailey. 1969
Jean Shrimpton. 1970
American actress and former model. Ann Terkel, Nassau. 1970
Swedish actress Britt Ekland. 1971
Swedish actress and fashion model who has achieved recognition in the UK. Britt Ekland. 1970
Joanna lumley british actress on the beach. Mauritius. 1st september 1978
American fashion model and actress. Jerry Hall. 1980
Diana. 1981
The wedding of Diana and Charles. 29 July 1981
Diana & Charles. 1981
Legs. France. 1988
«Good morning. America.» New York. 1990