Charles Aznavour

We know Charles Aznavour (May 22, 1924 — October 1, 2018) as a French chanson performer, composer, poet, writer and actor. He wrote about 1300 songs, played in 60 films and sold more than 200 million CDs. But few people know that Charles Aznavour was fond of cinema and photography.

In 1948, he got a Paillard Bolex camera, and since then he has been carrying the camera with him. Charles Aznavour spent hours filming his life on it. He stopped filming only in 1982. Over these 34 years, they have shot a lot of material. In 2017, he provided Mark di Domenico — producer, director and screenwriter with all the footage and his diaries. Based on these materials , a documentary was created « .Charles» (2019). This unique film allows us to look at the world and the life of the great chansonnier through the eyes of Charles himself.

LE REGARD DE CHARLES de Marc Di Domenico — Extrait (2019).

Watch the full documentary in French « .Charles» (2019).

Watch the full documentary in Russian « .Charles» (2019).