Nikon VS Red: Nikon’s response to Red’s lawsuit

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In May, RED Digital Cinema filed a lawsuit against Nikon, alleging that the data compression technology it uses in the Z 9 camera infringes its patents. Nikon responded and stated that the RED patent should not have been approved in the first place.

The RED lawsuit states that the proprietary type of compression is used in the Nikon Z 9 without a license. The lawsuit contains numerous allegations, all of which Nikon denied.

While Nikon acknowledges that it was aware of numerous lawsuits RED has filed in the past for similar infringements, it maintains that the claims brought by RED are «void» because they «do not satisfy the conditions for patentability.»

Cinema camera manufacturer RED has filed a lawsuit against Nikon alleging the illegal use of proprietary data compression technology (for video recording) in the Nikon Z9 full-frame camera.

This technology provides maximum lossless video data compression. RED is confident that Nikon has used RED technology in their Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras, specifically the latest Nikon Z9 with firmware 2.0.

This litigation is likely to be protracted. Expect the abolition of a number of functions for recording video in the Nikon Z9 is not yet worth it.