Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes — modern vintage lenses

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Ancient Optics has announced the release of Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes Series Cine Lenses. These are classic vintage lenses from the 60s and 70s that have been «reimagined» by GL Optics.

Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes will be marketed as an alternative to the very expensive Canon K35 lenses that were introduced in the 1970s. According to Ancient Optics, Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes lenses can provide a very similar effect when used on modern digital cinema cameras.


In the 60s and 70s, the Rokkor line was one of the most sought after lens sets on the market with a wide range of focal lengths.

MINOLTA PG ROKKOR 1: 1.2 f= 58mm

The Canon K35s is a great and popular vintage lens that is used in many productions today. Lenses like the Canon K35s, however, often come with a hefty price tag.

Canon K35

GL Optics has searched for the best examples still available for sale and restored them.

The first batch of Minolta Rokkor Cine Primes lenses will be a set of 11 lenses with focal lengths from 21 to 200mm. An ultra wide-angle and macro lens will be added to this set in the future.

This legendary optic is sold in very limited quantities. You can contact Ancient Optics for pricing and shipping schedules.