ARRI ALEXA 35: The long-awaited novelty of the film industry

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The German company ARRI has introduced a new generation movie camera ARRI ALEXA 35 with the first in 11 years a fundamentally new ultra-sensitive sensor. This sensor has a dynamic range of 17 steps. It outperformed the previous ALEV-III matrix. The manufacturer claims the image quality is 4K 120fps.

New ultra-sensitive sensor

ARRI ALEXA 35 is a premium quality digital cinema camera. It will be used in the filming of big movies and TV shows. However, she is able to produce results in uncontrolled conditions when working with a small team, according to Newsshooter.

Main characteristics of ARRI ALEXA 35;

Best image quality in native 4K resolution at 120fps

Extended dynamic range: 17 stops suitable for any shooting situation and best suited for HDR shooting

More contrast: stray light suppression system to accurately capture the full range of contrast

High Sensitivity: Low Noise, EI 6400 and Optional High Sensitivity Mode

More accurate colors: REVEAL Color Science technology for better color reproduction, crisper edges, and faster color grading

More creative control

Camera supports all S35 and LF lenses

ARRI textures: A new way to define graininess and contrast in-camera, returning control to the operator.

New processing: viewing SDR and HDR of the same view on the set, adjusting the intensity of the viewing, using the LogC4 viewing library built into the camera

Quick and easy controls

The smallest full-featured movie camera in the ALEXA line

Display on the left side of the camera body

Familiar MVF-2 viewfinder (now also in HDR), menu structure, 1TB and 2TB CDs

19 recording formats for every requirement

Advanced Color Matching (ACM)

Stream metadata for VR studios.

The new movie camera will be rented out.

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