Nikon Z9: Firmware update to version 1.10 and other news

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The new firmware version 1.10 for the flagship Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera will significantly increase the duration of high-speed continuous shooting. In addition, many video functions have been added, as well as improved performance and functionality, both for photos and videos. Representatives of Nikon at the end of 2021 reported that a firmware update should be released in 2022. Thanks to which the Nikon Z9 will be able to record 8k 60fps video. We are waiting for further details from Nikon( ).

Matt Irwin shares this and other news in his video.

Z9 Wins + New Firmware + More Shipping | What Is A Z9 & How Should We Be Thinking About It? Op-Ed. The Nikon Z 9 brings with it a lot of new technology. Are you ready?? New Z9 Firmware has arrived alongside news that more units are about to ship in the USA.

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