Sony Venice 2: 8,6k professional full-frame camera

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Sony has officially introduced the new Sony Venice 2 digital camera. Venice 2 is a full-frame digital movie camera with the function of recording to an internal memory card in X-OCN format and the ability to select 8,6K or 6K matrices. The VENICE 2 camera can be equipped with 6K matrices (from the previous Venice camera) or a new 8,6K (49.7 MB), each of which provides exceptional image quality, according to the manufacturer.

Now cinematographers will be able to get more creative freedom with color correction thanks to a wide dynamic range (16 stops) and good color reproduction. This will also make it possible to get high-quality images with excellent detail in the shadows. In addition, the second version inherited the Dual Base ISO (800/3200) dual gain system and the built-in ND filter. The VENICE 2 camera can shoot in full-frame, full-frame anamorphic and Super 35mm 4K resolution, making it a versatile option for filmmakers. It is smaller than its predecessor, which allows it to be installed on a proprietary quadrocopter from Sony Airpeak S1.

Product Announcement of VENICE 2 | Sony | CineAlta [Subtitle available in 21 languages].
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Behind the Scenes of “Homecoming” with Rob McLachlan ASC, CSC | VENICE 2. Go behind the scenes with Rob McLachlan, ASC, CSC (Game of Thrones, Ray Donavan, Westworld, and Lovecraft Country) on the creation of his VENICE 2 short film, “Homecoming.” McLachlan, who used the Original VENICE in his latest series “Lovecraft Country” and “The Shining Girls,” filmed with the VENICE 2 over ten days and shot in two countries for “Homecoming.” McLachlan used nearly every kind of camera conveyance possible from handheld, tripod, Steadicam, drone, underwater and helicopter shots.