Nikon Z9. A severe test in the conditions of the island of Spitsbergen

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Morten Hilmer (born February 29, 1980) is a Danish wildlife photographer, traveler end filmmaker. Morten Hilmer grew up in the countryside on a small farm. From an early age, his parents introduced Morten to nature, and at the age of 14 he received his first camera. This marked the beginning of his future hobby, which turned into a full-fledged profession of a photographer(wikipedia).

Nikon Z9 test by wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer.

BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY | NIKON Z9 on Svalbard. Morten Hilmer: «I work for Nikon in Svalbard to photograph birds and wildlife with the Nikon Z9. This trip is part of my 4 week trip to Svalbard, where I share my adventures in a series of videos. This is not a Nikon Z9 review».