Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10 are officially presented

Canon has introduced two new mirrorless cameras of the R system — EOS R7 and EOS R10. These are the first mirrorless cameras of the APS-C format with an RF bayonet. Previously, such cameras were produced only in the EOS-M line. Canon EOS R7 is an analog of Canon EOS 7D, and Canon EOS R10 is an analog of Canon EOS 90D. The Canon EOS 90D has not yet been discontinued. Canon EOS R7 occupies a higher position. It surpasses the EOS R10 in a number of characteristics.

Differences in the main characteristics of Canon EOS R7 from Canon EOS R10;

built-in image stabilization system (R10 is missing)

Higher resolution: 32.5 MP vs 24 MP

two memory card slots versus one

the ability to record 4K 60p from the entire width of the sensor (the R10 has only 4K 30p without a crop)

housing protection from dust and moisture

almost two-fold difference in battery capacity (in favor of R7).

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