Accsoon SeeMo: HDMI adapter for connecting cameras to iPhone and iPad

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Accsoon has released the world’s first budget HDMI adapter and SeeMo video capture terminal. The Accsoon SeeMo video capture terminal supports iOS mobile operating system. It connects via Lightning or USB-C. The Accsoon SeeMo terminal is certified by MFi for secure networking.

photo: Accsoon

The iPhone and iPad are equipped with the highest quality screens in their segment. Installed screens are much superior in quality to monitors on cameras. With the new device, you can connect a camera or other FullHD HDMI source to your iPhone or iPad (smartphone or tablet) and use it as a good daylight monitor.

The free Accsoon SEE App for SeeMo can stream HD video from your camera, mixer or other HDMI source directly to popular streaming platforms like YouTube. This feature is available even without connecting to a laptop. The device can be used to organize live broadcasts.

photo: Accsoon

Setting up the device according to the manufacturer’s statement is simple. The Accsoon SeeMo terminal uses the cellular or Wi-Fi connection of the iOS device to stream data at up to 1080P 60fps. Just connect your tablet or smartphone to the gadget, and it instantly becomes a monitor.

The Accsoon SeeMo HDMI Adapter costs $179.

Monitor, Stream, Record and Share with Accsoon SeeMo HDMI to iOS video adapter.
photo: Accsoon
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