Canon Cine-Servo 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 — cinema lens for shooting in 8k format

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Canon has announced a new high-end 8K cinema lens. With an excellent combination of focal length, compact size and light weight, the CINE-SERVO 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF/PL (CN8x15 IAS S) supports cameras with Super 35mm and Full-Frame ii sensors, making it ideal for a wide range, both for broadcast broadcasts and for film production, the manufacturer reports. With a wide range of focal lengths from 15mm to the impressive telephoto range of 120mm, the lens can be extended up to 180mm with the built-in 1.5x extender. To support future productions, 8K optical performance is maintained throughout the focal length, delivering consistently high image quality across the frame. In addition, the lens, CINE-SERVO 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF/PL (CN8x15 IAS S), is the first among Cine-Servo optics to support Zeiss Extended Data (XD).

photo: Canon

Canon’s new high-end Cine-Servo glass has been designed to support 8K cinematic broadcasting. As more and more people buy ultra-high-definition televisions, there is a growing need to deliver crisp, high-quality, cinematic content. According to the manufacturer, this trend is not becoming a privilege, but a basic requirement.

The CINE-SERVO 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF / PL (CN8x15 IAS S) is equipped with Canon’s renowned «Warm Color» technology to match Canon’s existing line of cinema lenses and an 11-blade aperture that produces beautiful round bokeh. With outstanding optical performance and stunning image quality for HDR, 4K and 8K, the lens is EF- mount compatible. As well as advanced metadata capture with support for Cooke/i™ technology. The PL-mount version of the lens is also Canon’s first CINE-SERVO cinema lens to provide both ZEISS eXtended Data™ (XD) communication and Cooke/i™ technology.

The 16-bit encoder used in Canon’s broadcast and existing cinema lenses has been applied to the new product. It provides accurate Canon CINE-SERVO 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF/PL (CN8x15 IAS S) lens position, zoom, focus and aperture metadata, information and communication functions between lens and camera. They are of paramount importance for VFX, virtual and film production.

Main Features of Canon CINE-SERVO 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF/PL (CN8x15 IAS S):

Wide angle 15-120mm, 8x magnification

High quality optics for HDR, 8K and 4K shooting

Built-in 1.5x extension — provides up to 180mm reach

Full frame sensor coverage (with 1.5x extender included)

Modular design with removable drive

Interchangeable lens mount from EF to PF

First motorized cine lens to support ZEISS Extended Data (XD)


The new Canon Cine-Servo 15-120mm T2.95-3.95 EF/PL(CN8x15 IAS S): Broadcast Cinema Lens is scheduled for release in November/December 2022 with an estimated retail price of $30,999.

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