Nikon and Panasonic have stopped producing compact digital cameras

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Nikon and Panasonic have stopped producing inexpensive compact digital cameras. They will focus on the release of more expensive mirrorless cameras.

Smartphone cameras are getting better and smarter and the demand for compact cameras is falling. Global shipments of compact digital cameras have fallen by 97% compared to 2008 and amounted to only 3.01 million units in 2021.

Nikon has suspended the development of new compact models of its Coolpix line. Currently, Nikon offers only two models with high-quality lenses.

Panasonic Holdings «has not released any new products in the price range below $370 since 2019 and has no plans to develop low-cost models in the future.» «We have stopped the development of any new models that can be replaced with a smartphone,» a company representative said.

In the future, Panasonic will produce high-quality mirrorless cameras for photography enthusiasts. The company plans to release a mirrorless camera with the German company Leica Camera.

Fujifilm had previously discontinued production of its FinePix compact cameras. Canon has not released new Ixy cameras since 2017. Sony Group has also not offered any new compact models under its Cyber-shot brand since 2019, and Casio Computer stopped producing Exilim cameras in 2018 (