Sony photo protection technology

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Sony has announced technology to protect photos from illegal copying. It is intended for corporate users, media editors and other users.

The new technology is specialized digital signatures that are processed when a frame is taken. With their help, Sony supports the detection of any changes to the original image. This functionality has become popular due to widespread problems with the illegal use of pre-edited shots (in order to hide the identity of the used frame from the original).

With protection (signing) enabled, images are immediately signed cryptographically by the camera’s processor immediately after capture. Thereafter, any pixel modification, tampering, or possible forgery will invalidate the image signature, as image manipulation will be detected by the client’s own certificate server during validation.

This feature will be available on the Sony A7 IV camera.

Subsequently, other models of Sony mirrorless cameras will receive it. The system, according to the developer company, will simplify the process of sending and checking photos, as well as add additional security (