APO Mini Prime Vintage: Compact movie lenses

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Dulens has announced a series of APO Mini Vintage movie lenses: 31 mm T2.4, 43 mm T2.4, 58 mm T2.4 and 85 mm T2.4. These are lightweight and compact lenses. The APO Mini Vintage film lenses have a system of interchangeable mounts for PL and EF bayonets.

Photo: Dulens

A special feature of the APO Mini Prime Vintage Series lens series is a special coating that allows you to get a more accurate skin tone, as well as original rainbow highlights. The original image will not look sharp, the picture will be soft, which many modern lenses cannot give. All this will give the image a classic vintage look, says the manufacturer.

Photo: Dulens

The aperture mechanism of all lenses consists of 11 lobes and allows you to change the T-stop range from T2.4 to T22. The weight ranges from 510 to 550 g. (depending on the focal length). All lenses have the same dimensions of Ø80×68 mm, support the installation of light filters with a diameter of 72 mm and have a robust construction protected from moisture and dust penetration. The company says that in the future the series will expand due to new focal lengths, as well as be replenished with new options for interchangeable mounts.

Фото: Dulens

APO Mini Vintage movie lenses minimum focusing distance:
31mm T2.4 — 38.1 cm
43mm T2.4 — 106.68 cm
58mm T2.4 2 – 68.58 cm
85mm T2.4 2 – 83.82 cm

The date of receipt of the Dulens APO Mini Prime Vintage Series movie lenses on sale is not yet known. The price is $999 per lens or $3,899 for a set of all four lenses.

Shot On Dulens — Glamedge Couture Launch Film | DP Oscar Tong.